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Creating Export Stylesheets
Similar to that used to create styles for other publishing outputs, the process of creating Export stylesheets involves using Arbortext Styler to set RTF stylesheet properties for each context in your XML documents.
The general process described below applies:
1. In Arbortext Styler, open or create a stylesheet for the document type your documents use.
2. Choose to edit the RTF stylesheet properties by selecting RTF in the Outputs to edit field.
3. For each context and condition you expect to export, specify the font properties, indent properties, spacing properties and so on via the tabs in the Properties area of the Elements list.
4. In the RTF category, specify whether to use style names in the published document, and, if using style names, where to define them. Refer to Publishing RTF With and Without Using Word Style Names for more details.
The settings defined in the RTF category do not have to be specific only to RTF output. Any settings defined in the category, such as RTF style names and fields, will simply be ignored by all other outputs. In these cases, the RTF category setting Base (All Outputs) has no effect.
5. At regular intervals throughout the stylesheet development, publish or preview a test document to ensure the results are as you expect.
6. When your stylesheet is complete, copy it to the Arbortext Publishing Engine server, making it available to your users. Refer to the Customizer's Guide for details on working with the Arbortext Publishing Engine.
RTF Guidelines
Certain restrictions apply when you are creating an Export stylesheet. These are described in the list below:
If you encounter an unexpected error when publishing, refer to Troubleshooting Import and Export Issues, which contains some information that may help you diagnose the problem.
The following characters are not permitted in RTF style names:
{ – left brace (0x7B)
} – right brace (0x7D)
\ – backslash (0x5C)
; – semicolon (0x3B)
Arbortext Styler’s generic family names are mapped to specific Windows font names as follows:
serif - Times New Roman
sanserif - Arial
monospace - Courier New
XML id attributes must be exported as Word bookmark names. Only alpha characters are permitted as the first character of Word bookmark names. The only characters allowed as “not-first” characters in Word bookmark names are alpha characters, numerals (0-9) and the underscore (_) character. IDs destined for Word bookmarks are not case sensitive.
Bookmark names cannot exceed 40 characters.
Paragraph border information cannot be exported from Arbortext Styler-based formatting.