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Publishing Lists in RTF Files
Word supports three ways to designate lists:
List-related paragraph styles - A Word paragraph designated as a list item by means of a paragraph style which includes auto-numbering stylesheet properties.
List objects - A Word paragraph designated as a list item using Word's Numbering or Bullets toolbar buttons, or Format/Bullets and Numbering menu selection.
List styles - Introduced with Word XP, a list style combines the features of Word's Bullets and Numbering dialog box, adding the ability to name a given list organization and hierarchy.
Arbortext Import/Export publishes list-related paragraph styles only. Be aware of the following restrictions when publishing lists:
If you specify a Word style name which is a list-related paragraph style name, either in the built-in style template or the user-defined Word template, the paragraph will be formatted according to the style definition in Word, not the formatting defined by Arbortext Styler.
If you specify a style name in Arbortext Styler, the paragraph will use the named style, regardless of whether it renders as a list item or not.
If you do not specify a style name for an element that is defined in Arbortext Styler as a list item style, one of the built-in Word styles typically used for list-related paragraphs (listed later in this section) will automatically be assigned if the Use built-in list paragraph styles option is checked in the RTF tab of the Stylesheet Properties dialog box. Lists and nested lists will be limited to simple numbering patterns, with no compound numbering, for numbered lists and simple bullet characters for bullet lists.
If you specify a named Word style that does not exist in the destination Word template, the published document will designate the style name as defined by Arbortext Styler, and the formatting will be defined by the Arbortext Styler stylesheet properties for the given context. The style will be based on the template's Normal style, meaning the base style for the newly-created Word style will be the Normal style, but the appearance of the new style will be defined by Arbortext Styler.
Only Arbortext Styler context objects can be published to Word list paragraphs. Arbortext Styler, in general, has the ability to change the list type and list numbering scheme at the condition level, but this is not supported by the publishing process. If you want to publish Listitem styles to Word list paragraph styles based on the value of an attribute in the document, you must create unique XPath-based contexts to make the distinction. If Word list paragraph styles are used for published lists and conditions are used to override the bullet or numbering scheme, you have to remove the number-related generated text from the RTF output.
Word Built-In Paragraph Styles for Lists
The built-in paragraph styles for bullet lists include:
List Bullet
List Bullet 2
List Bullet 3
List Bullet 4
List Bullet 5
The built-in paragraph styles for numbered lists include:
List Number
List Number 2
List Number 3
List Number 4
List Number 5
The built-in paragraph styles for simple lists include:
List 2
List 3
List 4
List 5
The built-in paragraph styles for “not-first” list paragraphs include:
List Continue
List Continue 2
List Continue 3
List Continue 4
List Continue 5