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JavaScript is the accepted coding language for accessing the FOM, although it is possible to use PTC ALD processing instructions, macros, scripts, showstrings, counters, and variables from within JavaScript code where appropriate:
Processing instructions - for example the fFormatting.output() method, i.e. the output() method of the fFormatting object, can issue a processing instruction
Macros - for example the fApplication.runMacro() method runs a specified macro
Scripts - for example the fContent.runStream() method
Showstrings - for example the fFormatting.evaluateShowString() method evaluates the given show string at the current formatting position and returns its current value
Counters - for example the fFormatting.counters property gives access to PTC ALD’s x-counters
Variables - for example the fApplication.variables property gives access to PTC ALD system variables