Stylesheet Development with PTC ALD > Adding PTC ALD Code to Stylesheet Source
Adding PTC ALD Code to Stylesheet Source
Adding PTC ALD code to your stylesheet is an excellent way to incorporate PTC ALD effects and features that you cannot access via the Arbortext Styler UI. You should be aware of some caveats when editing a stylesheet in this way:
Changes to the explicit properties of an object will have no effect once you have added source code edits to that object. Please ensure you make all the necessary configurations in the stylesheet’s property categories before accessing the source for edit.
Updating a stylesheet for a subsequent release of Arbortext Styler may have an adverse effect on your source edits. You must ensure that you check your source edits once a stylesheet has been updated, to confirm they are still producing the desired results.
Best practice for working with source edits in your stylesheet is given below:
1. Provide full and clear comments along with the source edits so they can be easily located and recognized in future sessions.
2. If you need to revisit your source edits, for example because of a stylesheet update or if you need to reactivate the property categories for the objects, take the following steps:
Remove the source edits completely and save to an alternative location. They should be easy to identify if they were commented thoroughly originally.
Replace the source edits once you have carried out the necessary updates to the stylesheet. Replace the comments as well.