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Using ThingWorx JavaScript Services in Vuforia Studio
For more information about utilizing services in ThingWorx, see Creating, Implementing, and Testing Services in the ThingWorx Help Center.
Complete the following steps to use ThingWorx JavaScript services in your Vuforia Studio experience.
1. Add a ThingWorx Thing and any services you want to call in your experience using the External Data section in the DATA pane.
To view an example of adding external ThingWorx data to an experience, see Add a Thing to Vuforia Studio.
2. You can then add your code to <view name>.js to trigger a service in your experience during runtime using the following format:
twx.app.fn.triggerDataService (‘<TWX Entity>’, ‘<TWX Service>’, ‘<parameter>’)
The service of the ThingWorx entity defined in the function will be called, along with any input parameters that the service takes.