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Know Issues and Limitations
Vuforia Studio
Only experiences that contain either an Area Target or a Model Target can contain the Wayfinder widget; Image Targets and Spatial targets are not yet supported.
The coordinates of a Waypoint cannot be edited using the properties; you must move them by dragging and dropping them to another location.
Incorrect error messages may appear when entering valid values in select Wayfinder property fields. For example, if you enter 0.3 for the Even radius (m) property, the following error is displayed even though it is a valid value.
The reticle of the Wayfinder changes size based on browser zoom.
Vuforia View
Operating System
Known Issues/Limitations
When loading Event radius (m) or Wayfinder display boundary (m) properties from an external source, they are overwritten with the static values in the Wayfinder when moving to the next Waypoint.
Wayfinder navigation sometimes starts at the second Waypoint.