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Version 8.3.0 Release Notes
The following feature enhancements and bug fixes exist in ThingWorx 8.3.0:
The Administrator password must be set at installation.
There is no longer a default password for the Administrator user. When ThingWorx starts for the first time during an installation, an Administrator user is created. A password must be specified for the Administrator user in the platform-settings.json file.
Add the following AdministratorUserSettings section (in PlatformSettingsConfig) to your platform-settings.json file along with a password that is at least 14 characters long. Reference platform-settings.json Configuration Details for more information on placement. See Passwords for additional information on setting passwords.
Do not copy and paste the sample below, as it may cause bad formatting in your platform-settings.json. Instead, click the link below and copy from the file.
The default location for platform-settings.json is located at: /ThingworxPlatform/platform-settings.json. If the THINGWORX_PLATFORM_SETTINGS environment variable is set, it will use that location instead: ${THINGWORX_PLATFORM_SETTINGS}/platform-settings.json.
It is HIGHLY recommended to:
Use a strong password for your initial Administrator password per NIST guidelines.
Change this password after logging in for the first time to another strong password.
Delete the password from the platform-settings.json file after the Administrator user has been created as it is no longer needed.
This process is only applicable for the initial creation of the Administrator user. After changing the password, it will not revert back during a restart. Remove this setting from the platform-settings.json file after the Administrator user has been successfully created and its password is changed.
If Tomcat fails to start and reports the error message: Check the InitialPassword setting in the AdministratorUserPassword section in platform-settings.json. Password must be a minimum of 10 characters, check the following:
The password setting exists in platform-settings.json
The password is valid (10 or more characters)
The platform-settings.json file is formatted correctly - bad formatting could lead to errors
Passwords must be a minimum of 10 characters.
This change will only impact the following situations:
When new users are created, including the initial Administrator user
When a password is changed
The password, which should not be easily guessed or a known, common password, is recommended to be at least 14 characters in length (minimum 10) and should include a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters.
The New Composer UI is now the default in this release. Legacy Composer can still be used (via the Preferences menu), but will be disabled in a future release.
A new browser can be opened for any screen in Composer by selecting the New Browser icon at the top right of Composer.
The Support Package Tool tool has been added to assist with collecting system configuration information that can help with diagnosing and addressing platform issues.
Added the Utilization Subsystem, which provides execution statistics.
Added options to Deviation Above/Below and Out of Range alerts so that current operating conditions can be used to autoset a baseline threshold for monitoring.
Added an Analytics menu so that Analytics Builder and Analytics Manager can be launched directly from within ThingWorx Composer. The Analytics menu is only available when a ThingWorx Analytics Server has been installed and connected to the ThingWorx server instance.
Added Access Report functionality that provides information about a User or User Group's current permissions to entities.
The ThingWorx Installation Guide has been redesigned and is now available in the Help Center (in addition to PDF).
Mashup Builder
jQuery 3.x updates:
jQuery3 is now the default run time environment for mashups and extensions.
jQuery 1.x is still accessible at run time through the use of the index-jq1.html access point, but support will end with the next release.
Added jQuery 3.x design time support in Composer.
An upgrade of this third party library was done to stay current and to eliminate security issues present in the earlier jQuery library used by Mashup Builder. This upgrade may cause changes to Mashup applications, so a UI-focused regression cycle of your app with this ThingWorx release is strongly recommended.
Added a new bindable boolean property ShowToolbar for HTML TextArea widget. It is enabled by default and shows the toolbar in the editable widget at runtime.
The boolean ReadOnly property in HTML TextArea widget is now bindable to a boolean parameter source.
Enabled localization functionality for the XAxisTitle and YAxisTitle properties in the Label Chart widget.
Added the TabSequence property to the List widget.
Added the TextIfNoSelectionType property to the Combo Box view of the List widget that enables you to choose the display text to be either Editable or Placeholder.
Bug Fixes
Related JIRA
Added the Test Connection URL configuration setting for existing media entities. The URL verifies if a valid connection can be made with the system that will serve dynamic content before turning the Dynamic Content flag on. For more information, see Media Entities.
Fixed an issue that was preventing the Identifier option from being set in Composer.
Fixed an issue that was causing an error when importing the ThingWorx Apps extension.
Fixed an issue that was causing errors to display in Composer when using an AzureIoTThing base template.
Fixed an issue that was preventing notifications to be sent for alerts.
Fixed an issue that was causing in-place upgrades of a Java-based extension to fail. For more information, see Importing Extensions.
Fixed an issue that was preventing a user from logging in after a session timeout or after logging out of a mashup.
Fixed an issue that was causing errors when metrics reporting was enabled.
Fixed an issue that was causing inconsistent status codes for existing and non-existing organizations.
Fixed an issue that was preventing services and properties with a hyphen in their name from being called.
Fixed an issue that was preventing data from being stored in value streams if there was a high frequency of data over a sustained period of time.
Fixed an issue that was causing errors if a data table was exported and then imported without a data shape.
Fixed an issue that was preventing alerts from being logged unless the thing was saved or restarted.
Fixed an issue that prevented ThingWorx from starting if an invalid data shape was assigned to a stream thing.
Fixed an issue that was causing a null pointer exception when a thing with tags was exported and then imported.
Fixed an issue that was preventing access to permissions on a Thing Shape.
Fixed an issue that was preventing localization tables from being loaded correctly after an extension was imported.
Fixed an issue where in-place upgrades were failing when a dependant extension was not loaded before restarting the server.
Fixed an issue that was preventing custom extensions from being upgraded.
Fixed an issue that was causing the Edit Members dialog to display too large.
Mashup Builder
Related JIRA
Fixed an issue that was causing tabs on the Tabs Widget to disappear when the mashup was refreshed.
Fixed an issue with the Logout Button widget that was preventing the redirect function from working correctly.
Fixed an issue that was preventing custom CSS from being applied to mashups.
Fixed an issue with the Collection Widget that was preventing mashups from being populated with new values when data was updated.
Fixed an issue with the Collection Widget that was preventing search results from displaying until the window was refreshed.
Fixed an issue with the Navigation Widget that was preventing pop-up windows from being closed.
Added tooltip information for the SortFilters property on the Data Filter Widget.
Fixed an issue that was preventing buttons in the master from being re-enabled after navigating away from an open pop-up.
Fixed an issue that was preventing the icons in the mashup widget and data services panel from displaying.
Fixed an issue that was causing a List widget in folding panel to move away from the folding Panel once folded and open.
Fixed an issue that was preventing a mashup from displaying the Google Widget preview when in edit mode.
Fixed an issue that was causing the Test button on an asynchronous service to behave incorrectly when defined in an extension resource.
Fixed an issue with the Tree Widget that was preventing the tree lines from displaying.
Fixed an issue with the Grid widget that was preventing the horizontal scroll bar from working correctly in Chrome.
Fixed an issue with the Label Chart widget that was causing degraded performance if multiple labels were bound to it.
Fixed an issue with the File Upload widget that was preventing the AllowFileTypes and MaximumFileSize properties from being set.
Added localization and binding functionality to the Label Chart widget's XAxisTitle and YAxisTitle properties.
Fixed an issue that was preventing mashup builder from rendering correctly when switching between mashups.
Fixed an issue with the Menu widget that was preventing the master mashup from being updated.
Related JIRA
Added additional security to the WebSocket Tunnel extension.
Known Issue
The following known issues exist in ThingWorx 8.3.0:
Known Issue
Related JIRA
If you are using Firefox 59.0.2 and later, viewing an entity will cause the navigation links (General Information, etc.) to collapse into a dialog on the right of the screen. This issue will be fixed in an upcoming release.
Composer is best experienced on a local area network. Do not disable browser caching when using low bandwidth or high latency networks. Disabling browser cashing will lead to excessive loading time.
A file transfer resulting from a subscription to an event is queued up as the system user called SuperUser. This file transfer job will fail unless you grant Service Invoke permissions to SuperUser and add SuperUser to an Organization that has visibility to the destination Thing specified in the file transfer job.