Open Data Protocol (OData) defines a protocol to query and update the data that utilizes the existing Web protocols. OData is a REST based protocol that is built on standardized technologies such as HTTP, Atom/XML, and JSON. It is different from other REST based Web services. It provides a uniform way to describe both the data and the data model.
It is a flexible technology to enable interoperability between data sources, applications, services, and clients.
OData connector provides a uniform way to query and manipulate data sets through CRUD operations such as create, read, update, and delete. For more information, refer to the OData Website. You can execute actions and functions through the actions in the OData connector.
Connector Release Version
OData connector was delivered in the 8.4.1 release.
Supported Actions
Supported Triggers
Supported Authorizations
The Odata connector supports the following authorizations:
Before adding an OAuth connection, ensure that you follow the steps provided in Obtaining Client Id and Client Secrets for OData.
Authorizing OData
OData authorization has to be done for each OData connector action. To authorize OData, select one of the following authentication schemes:
None—Provide the Odata Metadata Url such as https://services.odata.org/V4/(Sjndgbgy2tbu1vjtzyoei2w3e))/TripPinServiceRW/$metadata
Basic—To add a basic connection, do the following:
1. Click Add New, and then enter the following details:
Connection Label—Autopopulated. You can provide the connection label of your choice.
Labels are case-sensitive. Do not use spaces, some special characters, and leading numbers.
Application url—Metadata Url such as https://mhost/Windchill/servlet/odata/v1/ProdMgmt/$metadata
User Name—User name for the target application.
Password—Password for the target application.
2. Click ADD. A new authorization is added to the list.
Prerequisite—Before adding a new OAuth connection, make sure that you follow the steps provided in the OData section in the topic Configuring Connector OAuth Settings.
To add a new OAuth connection, do the following:
1. Click Add New, and then complete the OAuth process. The Add Authorization window opens.
2. Edit the Authorization Label, if needed, and then enter the Resource URL.
3. Click ADD. A new authorization is added to the list.
Click TEST to validate the connection.