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To Search for MCAD Parts
1. Open an MCAD structure.
2. Click Home > Search. The Search Product Structure dialog box opens.
3. In the Query Name box, type or select a name for the search.
4. Choose a Search Against option from the list.
5. Next to Do query of type, select Part. The dialog box updates.
6. In the Name box, enter the text string you want to match.
7. Select a Loaded state in view option:
Any—Search all parts in the assembly, regardless of their load state.
Only Loaded—Search only loaded parts.
Only Unloaded—Search only on parts that are not loaded.
8. The Ignore case check box is selected by default. To make the search case sensitive, clear the check box.
9. To define multiple search conditions at once, select the Show Multi-line check box, and then specify a combination of search rules to use in conjunction with each other. Select And or Or to define the conditions of the search.
10. Click Apply to run the search and save the Query Name. The search results appear under Part Name in the Results pane in the upper data panel.
11. Click Reset to reset the query to when it was opened or when Apply was last pressed.
12. Click Save As Group to save the search results as a group.
13. Click OK. The search results appear in the Results pane in the upper data panel and the Search Product Structure dialog box closes.