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To Navigate a Connection
1. In an open figure, select a connection. The connection is highlighted and the following occurs:
Two arrows pointing in opposite directions along the line of the connection display
The Navigation buttons on the Home ribbon are enabled
2. Use the arrows on the connection, or the buttons on the Home ribbon to navigate the connection. The initial direction is preselected.
3. To set a direction, click Change Direction. To change the direction, click Change Direction again. Repeat until the desired direction is highlighted. The direction arrows are preselected in clockwise order.
4. To navigate along a connection, click Navigate Connection. The view is centered on the next point of interest.
5. To reverse direction, click Reverse Navigation. The view is centered on the previous point of interest.
Reverse Navigation is only available after Navigate Connection is applied.
6. If the connection continues to another figure, a Continuation Link arrow will be displayed next to the navigation arrow.
7. Click on the navigation arrow to open the continuation link figures list. The figure list opens.
If you click on the wire, you can use the RMB to open the figures list.
8. Select a figure to navigate to from the figures list. The navigation continues to that figure.