Creating and Editing Structures > Adding Viewables to Structures > To Delete a Viewable
To Delete a Viewable
1. Click Tools > Edit Structure. The Structure Edit tab opens.
2. In the primary panel, click the Structure tab.
3. Select the node you want to remove, or the root. The Delete Viewables becomes available.
4. Click Delete Viewables. The Delete Viewables dialog box opens, listing all the viewables that are linked to the selected node or root.
5. Select the viewable you want to delete. Press and hold SHIFT to select multiple viewables.
6. To filter the list of viewables, click Filter, select the required settings, and click OK.
7. In the Delete Viewables dialog box, click OK. The viewables are removed from the list.
If the viewables you intend to remove are associated with an annotation set, a message opens, warning you that you must delete these annotation sets before deleting the associated viewables.