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To Configure Stereoscopic View
1. Click Home > Enable Stereo > Stereo Settings. The Stereoscopic Display Settings dialog box opens.
2. Select a Stereo type:
Scaled—suitable for a small screen. This stereo type virtually re-sizes the model being viewed so it is the same size as the screen. This leads to a consistent stereo effect irrespective of the actual size of the model.
Walkthrough—suitable for a large screen and a large field of view. This stereo type shows the model at the actual size as you would see it in real life.
3. Set the Screen width to the actual size of your monitor.
4. Set the Screen distance to the approximate distance between you and your monitor.
5. Set the Eye separation to be the distance between your pupils.
6. Select the Dominant eye.
7. Select Use background color and leave the default colors as they are.
8. Click Close.