Comparing ECAD Designs > Defining the Comparison > To Compare Defined Compare Areas
To Compare Defined Compare Areas
1. Select items to compare, and then click OK. The Quick Results view opens. For more information, see Workflow and Tips for Performing ECAD Comparisons.
2. In the Quick Results view, click Compare Settings. The Compare Settings dialog box opens.
3. Compare using all defined areas, or use only some of the areas:
Use all Compare areas
Use only selected Compare areas—Select the compare areas from the list in the All Compare Areas box.
4. On the Compare Areas tab, click New. The pointer changes to a bounding box pointer.
5. In the graphics area, drag a bounding box to define the compare area. The coordinates of the compare area appear in the All Compare Areas box in the Compare Areas tab. Repeat steps 4 and 5 to create other compare areas.
6. To delete a compare area from the list, select it and then click Delete.
7. Click OK. The dialog box closes.
8. Click Compare > Run Compare. The comparison is performed, and the Full Results appear.