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About Shadows
You can use light and shadow to visually define a model or part. Shadows help create a more realistic appearance by giving the impression of solidity and depth.
To cast shadows on a model or part, you must first set the environment. Set the environment by selecting these options in the Creo View Options dialog box:
Plane Display Shows Lighting Effects
Display shadows
Then, in the active view, choose the lighting setup.
Shadows are not available for the Headlight setup.
You can customize the lighting setup and the shadows to create a more realistic scene. The view updates as you adjust the lighting setup.
Use the shadow quality slider to define the edges of the shadow. Increase the shadow quality for shadows with clearly defined edges. For softer edges, decrease the shadow quality.
Use the shadow bias to determine how much darkening is displayed on the model. To lower the amount of darkening, increase the bias.
Increasing the bias too much may cause shadows to move or disappear completely.
Shadows cast on a model are saved to an annotation set.