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Comparing Designs Using Command-line Arguments
To use the command-line arguments for ECAD Compare, the FLEXnet License for ECAD Command-line Arguments must be available. This license server must be indicated next to PTC_D_LICENSE _FILE in the Creo View Startup Option. For licensing information, see PTC’s License Management support page.
If the license is available, but not set accordingly in the Startup Option, follow this procedure:
1. On your computer, go to Control Panel > System > Advanced System Settings > Advanced, and select Environment Variables. The Environment Variables dialog box opens.
2. Under System Variables, scroll to PTC_D_LICENSE _FILE, select Edit and type the correct license name in the Variable value field. Click OK.
To Compare Designs Using Command-line Arguments
1. Open a command prompt.
2. Browse to the bin folder of your installation. This is the default location:
C:\Program Files\PTC\Creo <version>\View\bin
3. Drag pvecadcompare.exe to the command prompt window and then add arguments and file paths to the command line.
The order of the arguments in a comparison is irrelevant.
4. Press ENTER.