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About Comparing Geometry
In Creo View, you can compare the 3D geometry of nodes in the structure that contains geometry. Selecting assembly level nodes compares only the geometry on the nodes, not the entire assembly.
When comparing the geometry of two versions of the same part or two similar parts in a model, you can identify these differences:
Center of gravity
Surface area
The Compare tool displays difference by showing common, added, and removed volumes in the graphics area and as a list in the Geometry Compare results pane of the lower data panel. The text of each item in the structure tree has the same color as its headings in the dialog box and the results file. Check the status of the comparison and the measurements or coordinates in the Geometry Compare results pane. The status is Modified or Identical. You can modify the display in the graphics area to examine and emphasize the differences between the two items.
You can save the settings and results of the comparison as a report in the Geometry Compare pane of the primary navigation pane. You can open the resultant display in a new view to add markups and save the annotated image as an annotation set without the comparison data.