Comparing Geometry in Creo View > To Compare Two Nodes and Save the Results
To Compare Two Nodes and Save the Results
1. Click Tools > Compare. The Compare Settings dialog box opens.
2. Select the two nodes to compare from the structure tree or the view:
First Item
Second Item
If you select an assembly node, a warning appears to remind you that the comparison will apply to assembly-level geometries only.
3. Click to switch between the two items.
4. In order to perform the comparison of the selected items aligned according to their coordinate systems, select Align default CSYS.
Make sure this check box is cleared when you want to compare centers of gravity.
5. Click Compare. The results appear in a list in the Geometry Compare results pane in the lower data panel, and are displayed in the graphics area.
6. Click Close to close the Compare Settings dialog box.
7. To reopen the Compare Settings dialog box later, click Geometry Compare > Compare Settings.
8. Click Save Report to save the comparison results. The Save Compare Report dialog box opens.
9. Type a name in the Report Name box and click OK. The comparison settings and results are stored as an annotation set in the Compare pane of the primary navigation panel.
You can modify the graphic display and then save it.