Creating and Editing Structures > Using the Assemble Tool > To Assemble Coordinate Systems
To Assemble Coordinate Systems
1. Click Tools > Assemble. The Assemble tab opens.
2. Select an Assemble mode:
Mate—Moves and rotates the selected object
Orient—Rotates the selected object
Locate—Translates the selected object
3. In the graphics area or the Structure Tree, select one or more parts, groups, subassemblies, or assemblies to move, and then click Add Selected.
4. Define the Origin CSYS coordinate system. The Origin coordinate system appears.
5. Define the Destination CSYS coordinate system. The Destination coordinate system appears.
6. To preview the move, click Preview. Click Preview again to undo the preview.
7. To adjust the destination position of the origin coordinate system, type or select linear and rotational offsets in the Offset group.
8. To approve the operation and create another one, click Apply, or to approve the operation and exit the Assemble tool, click OK.
9. To save the new locations of the parts, click Home > Capture Location and choose an option, otherwise click Home > Restore Location and choose an option.
10. To save the location changes to Windchill, click File > Save Part Locations.
11. Click Cancel to close the Assemble tool and return to the Home tab.