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About Importing Section Files into Sketcher
You can retrieve a section from disk or from memory and place it on the current sketch as an independent copy of the original section. You can import Creo Parametric drawing files or the following external file types:
IGES (*.igs or *.iges)
DWG (*.dwg)
DXF (*.dxf)
Adobe Illustrator (*.ai)
The target section can be empty or can contain existing entities, dimensions, or both. Placing a section does not alter other sketched geometry.
This method copies the entities and relations (if any) of the original section without reference to the original context in which they were created. Thus, the accuracy, grid parameters, and units of measure are those of the current model. The placed section behaves as a regular sketched section. After you place the section, it is no longer associated with the source section. In a parallel blend, the retrieved section is added to the current subsection.
For parallel blends, you can place the retrieved section into different subsections with variations in rotation angle and size.
The imported constraints become strong constraints, and the imported dimensions become weak dimensions. Other weak dimensions are added to solve the sketch.