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To Create a Split Draft
This procedure is based on the procedure for creating a basic Draft feature. For detailed information on how to create a basic Draft feature, follow the link under Related Links.
1. Click Model > Draft. The Draft tab opens.
Create a basic Draft feature by selecting the draft surfaces, the draft hinge, and the pull direction. The system displays the preview geometry for a constant draft with the default angle of 1°. Modify the draft angle value, as necessary.
2. Click the Split tab and select an option from the Split options menu:
Split by draft hinge—Split the draft surfaces along the draft hinge.
Split by split object—Split the draft surfaces along a different line or curve. If you select this option, the system activates the Split object collector.
3. If you are splitting by a split object, select or sketch a split object. You can select a sketched curve, a plane, or a quilt intersecting the draft surfaces. To sketch a split object, click the Define button next to the Split object collector and sketch a single continuous chain of entities on the draft surface or surfaces.
4. Select the desired option from the Side options menu:
Draft sides independently—Specifies two independent draft angles for each side of the drafted surface. If you use this option, the system adds to the Draft tab a box with the draft angle value for the second side and for flipping the draft angle direction for the second side.
Draft sides dependently—Specifies a single draft angle, with the second side drafted in the opposite direction. This option is available only if the draft surfaces are split by the draft hinge, or for a split draft with two hinges.
Draft first side only—Drafts only the first side of the surface (determined by the positive pull direction from the draft hinge), with the second side remaining in the neutral position.
Draft second side only—Drafts only the second side of the surface, with the first side remaining in the neutral position.
Depending whether you are splitting by the draft hinge or by a different object, as well as on the split object type, not all of the options may be applicable for your particular draft configuration.
5. When satisfied with the feature geometry, click .