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About Split Draft
Split draft enables you to apply different draft angles to different portions of a surface.
Draft surfaces can be split either by the draft hinge or by a different curve on the draft surface, such as a sketched curve. If the draft surfaces are split, you can:
Specify two independent draft angles for each side of the drafted surface.
Specify a single draft angle, with the second side drafted in the opposite direction. This option is available either for a draft split by a draft hinge, or for a split draft with two hinges.
Draft only one side of the surface (either one), with the other side remaining in the neutral position. This option is not available for a split draft with two hinges.
The following illustration shows examples of split draft. Each example uses the draft hinge (datum plane) as a split object.
1. Original part (before draft)
2. Using the Draft sides independently option
3. Using the Draft sides dependently option
4. Using the Draft first side only option
The next illustration shows an example of split draft using a sketched curve chain as a split object.
1. Draft hinge (datum plane, side view)
2. Split object (sketched curve chain)