Part Modeling > UDFs and Groups > Placing a UDF > To Place a UDF by Redefining Features
To Place a UDF by Redefining Features
1. Create a UDF.
2. Click Model > User-Defined Feature. The Open dialog box opens.
3. Select a UDF group file and click Open. The Insert User-Defined Feature dialog box opens.
4. Clear the Advanced reference configuration check box and click OK. The Scale UDF dialog box and the reference model window open.
5. Specify the placement scale by selecting one of the following options:
Keep dimension values (default)—Keep the same numeric value for all dimension values, regardless of any difference in units for the model and the group. For example, the dimension 25 inches becomes 25 millimeters.
Keep feature sizes—Keep the size of the features and convert the dimension values according to the target model units (for example, millimeters to inches). This option is available only for models and groups that do not share the same measurement units.
Scale by value—Scale all dimensions by a specified scale factor. Group units are not changed. Enter a value in the Scaling factor text box.
6. Click OK. The copied features are opened in edit definition mode one by one.
* Only those features that require references will be opened for redefinition.
7. Redefine feature placement and references. After redefining each feature of the group, click to continue to the next.