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Previewing a UDF
You can preview a reference model of a subordinate UDF in a browser while you browse through folders or when working with the Windchill Properties page. After you open your target model, find the UDF you want to use, and drag it from the Creo browser into the graphics window.
* Preview is available only for subordinate UDFs. UDFs created as standalone cannot be previewed.
When placing a UDF using the Model > User-Defined Feature command, click View source model to open the reference model of the selected .gph file.
Tip: To make UDF previewing easier, the model should contain only one UDF. After you create the UDF, save the reference model in the view that clearly shows the UDF.
Browsing UDFs by Parameters
If you want to search for a UDF by properties other than the name, make sure the reference model has designated model parameters (or annotation elements) that are linked to the feature parameters. Then you can search the library of reference models and use Where Used query to find the desired UDF.
For example, a UDF is created with an Annotation feature that has a surface finish sf0:AE_ID=60 with leaders to two separate surfaces. To search by the model parameter, you must create a model parameter sf0 in the reference model, and then create a relation sf0=sf0:AE_ID to set the value of the surface finish to the value of the model parameter. This enables you to search a UDF library or UDF reference models for sf0=60. You can then use the Where Used query to find the desired UDF, and download or check it out to your workspace.