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Feature, Dimension, and Parameter Names in a Group
After you place a UDF in a new part, new names are assigned to the features and dimensions according to their consecutive order in the part. Parameters within a feature are always unique when created. Therefore, when a feature in a group is renamed, the parameter is still unique to the now renamed feature.
* If the UDF has features, dimensions, or parameters with user-defined names, these names are preserved in the resulting group.
When feature names already exist in the destination model, features within the group are automatically renamed. To view the original names, select the feature, right-click, and select Information > Feature.
For example, the model tree below contains two UDF groups: Group TEST1 and Group TEST2.
The model already contains Extrude 1, therefore, the Extrude features in Group TEST1 are renamed Extrude 2 and Extrude 3 because this is how they fall sequentially in the model.
The Annotation Feature in GROUP TEST2 is renamed Annotation 3 because Annotation 1 and Annotation 2 already exist in Group TEST1.
The AE_NOTES are renamed to AE_NOTE0, AE_NOTE1, and AE_NOTE2.