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To Create a Projected Section Cosmetic Feature
Projected section cosmetic features are projected onto a single part surface; they cannot cross part surfaces. Projected sections cannot be crosshatched or patterned.
1. Click Model > Project. The Project tab opens.
2. Click the References tab, and select Project a cosmetic sketch from the list.
3. Click the Sketch collector, and select or create a cosmetic sketch:
Select a cosmetic sketch in the Model Tree or graphics window.
To create a cosmetic sketch, perform the following actions:
1. Click Define. The Sketch dialog box opens.
2. To define the sketch plane, click the Plane collector and select a plane or planar surface.
3. If required, to reverse the sketch plane direction to the opposite side of the planar reference, click Flip.
4. If required, to define the view orientation, click the Reference collector and select a reference such as a surface, plane or edge.
5. If required, to define the direction the orientation reference represents, select a direction from the Orientation menu.
6. Click Sketch. The Sketch tab opens.
7. Sketch a section, and click OK. The Sketch tab closes, and the Project tab remains open.
4. Click the Surfaces collector, and select the surface sets onto which to project the cosmetic sketch.
5. Click the Direction Reference collector, and click a plane, axis, coordinate system axis, or straight entity to specify the projection direction.
6. Click .