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About the Project Feature
You can use the Project tool to project chains, a sketch, or a cosmetic sketch on solid and nonsolid surfaces, quilts, or datum planes. You can then use the projected sketch to trim a surface, to contour a sweep trajectory, or to create a cut in Sheetmetal Design. If you create a sketch on a plane, it can be patterned.
Projected sketches cannot be crosshatched. If you select a crosshatched sketch for projection, the system ignores the cross-hatching.
There are three methods of projecting a sketch:
Project chains—Selects a curve or chain to project.
Project a sketch—Creates a sketch or copies an existing sketch into the model to project.
Project a cosmetic sketch—Creates a cosmetic sketch or copies an existing cosmetic sketch into the model to project.
To access the Project tool, click Model > Project.