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About Cosmetic Sketches
Cosmetic sketches are "drawn" on the surface of a part. They include such things as company logos or serial numbers that are stamped on an object.
Cosmetic sketches cannot be used as a reference by many features (dimensions, Sketch > Project, and so on). The Project tool can project cosmetic sketches.
In Cosmetic Sketch features that contain a large number of entities, usually imported entities, it is sometimes necessary to use the Underconstrained mode. When the Sketch tab is open, click Setup and select the Under-Constrained Mode check box.
Unlike other features, cosmetic features can have a line style. You can click Sketch > Setup > Set Line Style and use the Line Style dialog box to set the color, font, and style of the feature.
Each individual geometry segment of the feature, whether a single feature or a pattern, can be set to a line style; they do not all have to be the same.
When you redefine a cosmetic feature, the line style cannot be changed. If the line style does not have the default width, or if it uses a user-defined font, it is replaced with the appropriate default values.