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To Create Incomplete Features
You can suspend feature creation without losing data that you have already defined. This produces an incomplete feature, which you can complete later (for example, when required geometric references are available for feature definition). Because you have not finished feature creation, the system cannot generate geometry for the incomplete feature.
An incomplete feature differs from a failed feature in the following respect: It is intended to be left unfinished until the design intent is clarified or geometry it depends on becomes available. A fully defined feature cannot be made incomplete.
Incomplete features are listed in the feature status column of the Model Tree as Incomplete.
To leave a feature incomplete when creating a feature:
1. Choose OK from the dialog box.
2. When the system asks you if you want to leave the feature incomplete, choose Yes.
3. You can exit Sketcher with an incomplete section by choosing Done from the SKETCHER menu.
4. To finish an incomplete feature, redefine and complete the definition of all required elements.