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Redefining Section Geometry
When you redefine a section, you can resketch any portion of the section. When you delete an entity that is referenced by another feature, the system asks for confirmation. You can respond in one of the following ways:
Yes—The system suspends the child feature, and regeneration might fail after you redefine the parent. If regeneration fails, the result depends on the failure handling option that is selected for the regen_failure_handling configuration option:
no_resolve_mode—The system creates failed features. No resolve mode is the default and is a best practice.
resolve_mode—The system enters the Resolve environment.
No—The entity will not be deleted. You can then replace the sketched entity with another entity, thereby keeping the reference that the child feature needs.
Abort the section redefine—Edit the references or modify the scheme of the child feature so that the section redefinition is successful.
You can redefine features that were created using the Sketcher text just as any other features of the same type. When you redefine a section, you can edit the text and modify the font.
* Redefining a section of a copied feature is similar to redefining its parent. When you attempt to redefine a copy, the section used to define the parent is shown.