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About Surface Sets
Surface sets are a collection of more than one surface or surface region. The additional surfaces can be adjacent to the first surface selected, or follow a specified selection rule. The first surface selected is the seed surface, it can be either a surface or a surface region. When you select a surface region as the seed surface, the remaining surface regions can be part of the surface set.
Each tool defines the eligible types of surface set. Use one of the following rules to automatically select additional surfaces to include in the set:
Loop—Collects two-sided edges that form a loop around a surface.
Seed and boundary—Collects all surfaces between and including the seed surface and boundary surfaces.
Solid—Collects all solid surfaces of the active part.
Shape—Collects the surfaces of the shapes derived from the seed surface.
Tangent—Collects the surfaces with a least one tangent edge with another surface in the tangent surface set, starting from a seed surface.
Geometry rule—Collects surfaces that meet one or more of the specified rules.
Rule-based selection options are available for all areas of Creo. Search the Fundamentals area of the Help Center for more information on surface sets. The solid, shape, tangent, and geometry rule selection options are specific to Creo Flexible Modeling. For more information, click the Related Links.
Right-click and choose a surface set type from the shortcut menu to toggle between the different types of surface sets. When you exclude a specific surface from a surface set, the surface is added to the excluded surfaces set.