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About Creo Flexible Modeling
Use Creo Flexible Modeling to experiment with your design without being committed to changes. You can make explicit modifications to selected geometry while ignoring pre-existing relationships.
Use the buttons in the following groups to quickly select and manipulate geometry.
Shape Surface Selection—Selects only the specified type of geometry.
Transform—Directly manipulates the selected geometry.
Recognition—Recognizes patterns and symmetry so that when one member is modified, the modification is propagated to all pattern members or symmetrical geometry.
Edit Features—Edits the selected geometry or surface.
The intention is that when you enter a tool, you can perform the required tasks using the right-click shortcut menus. The procedures for each tool use this approach as it is the fastest way to work and is sufficient for most tasks. Use the tabs to select rule-based surface sets, to view selections and references, and to change the default system selections. Detailed information about the individual tool tabs can be found in the About the User Interface topics for each tool. When you access a tool, the pointer changes to . To exit a tool, middle-click or click .