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About the Design Objects Tree
The Design Objects Tree displays a list of the Creo Flexible Modeling and Sheetmetal design objects in the model. It appears under the Model Tree when you click the Flexible Modeling tab.
Design objects are displayed in nodes, with all the design objects of the same type grouped together in the same node. For example, all recognized rounds are listed under the Rounds node. You can expand or collapse each node. You can select which types of design objects to show.
When you expand a node in the tree and select an item, it highlights in the graphics window. When a tool is open, the selected item is added to the active collector in the tool.
You can save the information contained in the tree as a .txt file for future use.
The following design object types can be displayed in the Design Objects Tree:
Not Rounds
Not Chamfers
Not Bends
Bend Reliefs
Not Bend Reliefs
Corner Reliefs
Not Corner Reliefs
Corner Seams
Not Corner Seams
Not Forms