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Partial copy
The Partial command is similar to the Copy command but instead of copying the complete contents of a workplane, you specify which profiles to copy. This is referred to as a partial copy.
To do a partial copy,
1. Click Structure and then, in the Workplane group, click More.
2. Click Partial WP in the Modify section. The Create Partial dialog box opens.
3. Select the workplane in the viewport or Structure Browser.
4. Type a Name for the new workplane.
5. Click Model Name and type a name. Model Name is the contents file name for the element when you save 3D Data files.
6. Click Owner and select the new shared workplane's owner in the Structure Browser.
7. Click Edges and select the edges you want to copy. The Select tool opens automatically; click End when you are finished.
8. Select a method to position the workplane. See Position a workplane.
9. Click to complete the operation.