Reference Topics > Create parallel copied or shared workplanes
Create parallel copied or shared workplanes
1. Click Structure and then, in the Workplane group, click More.
2. Click Parallel in the Create Multiple section. The Create Parallel dialog box opens.
3. Select Copy or Share.
4. Select the Source workplane from the Structure Browser.
5. Type the basename for the workplanes in the boc next to Basename. Creo Elements/Direct Modeling uses the base name to generate each workplane name automatically by adding a postfix (.1, .2, .3,...).
6. Select the Owner (workplane set or assembly) in the Structure Browser.
7. If you want to transfer any user-defined attributes from the source workplane, click Keep Attr. If you don't click this option, the attributes are lost in the copied or shared workplane.
8. Type a number in the box next to Number.
9. Type a distance value in the box next to Offset.
10. Type an angle in the box next to Spin Angle. Creo Elements/Direct Modeling applies the spin angle to each workplane (relative to the last workplane it created).
11. Click to complete the operation.