The work area (user interface) > Viewports > Drawlist > Display a viewport's drawing list
Display a viewport's drawing list
1. Click View and then, in the Window group, click Browser Bar to open the Browser Bar.
2. Right-click in the browser to display browser-related commands.
Creo Elements/Direct Modeling displays the drawlist with the drawlist corresponding to the viewport.
Right-click to open the context menu; follow the different menus to reveal the options.
The Drawlist menu includes options to perform the following operations:
Add: Select an element in the Structure Browser to add it to the drawlist and display the element in the viewport.
Remove: Select an element to remove it from the drawlist. The element disappears from the viewport.
Clear: Remove all the elements from the drawlist. All elements disappear from the viewport.
Copy: Specify the source viewport whose drawlist you want to copy. For more information, see Copy a viewport's drawing list.
Draw Only: Select an element to view only that element in the viewport (all other elements in the drawlist are hidden).
Draw Only in New VP: Select an element to view only that element in a new viewport.
Locked: Lock the drawlist. When a drawlist is locked, other actions in the Drawlist for the current viewport are prohibited.
The Actions panel/menu includes:
Active Part: Select a part to be active.
Active WP: Select a workplane to be active.
Expand All: Display all the elements (including the child elements) in the Structure Browser.
The Expand settings (in the Structure Browser Settings dialog box) control whether or not each item type is expanded when you expand its parent.
Collapse All: Display only the parent elements in the Structure Browser.
Set Clip Flag and Clear Clip Flag: Set the clip flag to restrict clipping to certain parts and assemblies. Clear the clip flag to remove the restriction.
Write Tree: Write the contents of the structure tree to a file (or printer). Contents written to the file depend on the current expand status of the structure tree in the Structure Browser. Only the contents that are expanded in the structure tree are written to the file (or printer).
Search: Open the Search & Filter dialog box. For more information, see Search and filter items.
Show: Display available options for the structure browser in the Structure Browser Show dialog box, which has the following tabs:
Objects: You can show or hide workplanes, parts, containers, coordinate systems, and other elements. Select the elements that the Structure Browser displays.
Misc: You can show or hide clippings, patterns, relation sets, and other elements along with the following options:
Open References: Show or hide the Open Reference icon in the browser.
Hidden Features: Includes or removes from the tree any system-created implicit features from the GD & T area.
View Components: Includes or removes listing the components of a 2D view.
Root: Shows or hides the root (/) in the browser.
Custom Process: You can show or hide custom features such as FaceSet Features, GD&T symbols, 3D Notes, and others.
Settings: See Change Structure Browser settings.
Docked: Dock or undock the Structure Browser.
Help: Open help for the Structure Browser.