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Working with a viewport's drawing list
Each viewport has its own drawlist that controls which 3D objects are displayed in the viewport. A viewport's drawlist is shown in the Structure Browser. You can display objects in the viewport by adding them to the drawlist, or not display them by removing them from the drawlist. The drawlist is dynamic; that is, as you create 3D objects, they are added to the structure browser (unless it is locked).
The types of 3D objects in the drawlist include:
View sets
Workplane sets
Docuplane sets
Coordinate systems
The drawlist displays a list of all the objects that could be displayed in the viewport. The active part and active workplane are underlined in green. The checkmark to the left of an object indicates whether it is displayed. Click an object's check button on to display it and off to remove it.
A partial visible icon (a grey checkmark) is a standalone icon and consists of the following three states:
All children visible in the viewport
No child visible in the viewport (the object is not visible)
Gray checkmark visible in the viewport (the partial-visible symbol indicates that at least one of the children of the object is displayed in the viewport)
This option only has an effect on the drawlist behavior of objects, which are partially visible, when clicking on the drawlist icon.
Turn the option on (Drawlist > Add), click on the drawlist icon, and the object (and all its children) is put on the drawlist.
Turn the option off (Drawlist > Remove), click on the drawlist icon, and the object (and all its children) is removed from the drawlist.
Depending on the owner of the object, the results are different:
Whenever adding or removing assemblies or workplane sets, you add or remove all the parts or workplanes that belong to them (unless they are owned by containers).
Containers can be added independently of its owner.
When removing a container, only the first-level child objects are removed.
When loading a file that includes a container, you must add the container manually to the drawlist.
When creating a coordinate system, the coordinate system by default is visible. If the owner of the coordinate system is not displayed, the coordinate system cannot be displayed. You also have the following option:
Show/hide coordinate systems for a particular part or assembly.