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Using the Select Mini Toolbar (SMT)
When the Select command is active or when the cursor is in the viewport, you can press SPACEBAR or any other assigned key to open the Select Mini Toolbar (SMT). The SMT is a special version of the Option Mini Toolbar (OMT).
The following elements are available on the SMT:
: Activates the Probe Selection tool and opens the Probe dialog box. Probe Selection allows fly-by probe. See Probe for 3D elements and 3D objects.
: Activates the Select tool and opens the Select dialog box.
You can also press F2 to activate the Select tool.
: Opens the Geometry Rules dialog box or opens the Geometry Rules section in the Select dialog box if the Select command is active.
: Specifies the selection method for elements in the viewport.
The selection method set from the SMT is only active for the next immediate selection.
You can also move the cursor to the viewport and click to open the Select Mini Toolbar (SMT).
(Available Shortcuts): Provides quick and context-based actions.
You can use the keyboard shortcuts to perform the context-based actions available under Available Shortcuts. Some examples of the keyboard shortcuts are as follows:
Keyboard Shortcuts
Probe Selection
Press Ctrl + Tab.
Flyby Feature Selection Next Type
Press Tab.
Flyby Feature Selection Previous Type
Press Shift + Tab.
Toggle boxing mode
Press Tab.