Create and modify 3D models > Create 2D geometry > Using the 2D CoPilot Option Mini Toolbar
Using the 2D CoPilot Option Mini Toolbar
Whenever a command is active, press the SPACEBAR key to open the Option Mini Toolbar (OMT). You can also assign a different key combination to open the OMT. Depending on the current context and cursor location, the elements on the OMT change.
The following elements could be available on the OMT:
Tangent: Starts or ends a line, which is tangential to a selected circular or spline element in the viewport. See Change 2D CoPilot settings.
Set Mirror: Sets an existing 2D line on a wokplane or a line between two selected points on a workplane, as a mirror. For example, if you set a horizontal line as a mirror and draw any geometry below the line, a mirror image is created above the line. For more information about Set Mirror, see Set a mirror for 2D geometrical elements.
If 2D geometrical elements do not exist on a workplane, select two points on the workplane to set the line which connects these two points as the mirror.
Geometry or Construction mode: Toggles between the geometry and construction modes.
2D CoPilot Settings: Opens the 2D CoPilot Settings dialog box.
Available Shortcuts: Provides shortcut-actions such as Bend, Back, and Clear Visited/Ignored Elems.
When a command is active, you can move the cursor to the viewport and click to open the Option Mini Toolbar (OMT).