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Clipping planes
Creo Elements/Direct Modeling provides clipping planes to let you view inside models and assemblies. There are two types of clipping planes available:
Clipping feature: Here, you can define up to six clipping planes positioned relative to the model. When you dynamically move the model, the clipping planes also move.
Camera clipping planes: This is the simplest type and provides a front and back clipping plane. These clipping planes are always parallel to the viewport and not positioned relative to the model.
The hatch lines are displayed on the clipping plane as shown in the preceding images. You can remove the hatch lines from the clipping plane. For more information about removing hatch lines, see Clip Hatches. The following images show the clipping planes without the hatch lines or the hatch color.
You can use camera clipping planes or clipping features but you cannot use both in the same viewport.
Clipping planes and clipping flags or targets
You can restrict clipping to certain parts and assemblies. Set the clip flag to make sure the part is cut by the clipping plane:
Right-click in the Structure Browser, then click Actions > Set Clip Flag.