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Position a coordinate system
You can position a coordinate system by using a point and direction, positioning it dynamically, translating it, referencing a coordinate system or by rotating the axis. To position a coordinate system, complete the following:
1. Click Structure and then, in the Coordinate System group, click Position. The Position CoordSys dialog box opens.
2. Specify the Coordinate System by one of the following ways.
Double-click the coordinate system from the structure browser.
Select the coordinate system in the viewport.
Enter the coordinate system pathname in the dialog data field.
3. Select Pt Dir, Pos Dyn, Translate, By Ref CS, or Rotate and specify options:
Pt Dir
1. Define the new origin of the coordinate system by specifying a Point.
2. Enter the W Axis for the coordinate.
3. Optionally specify the U Axis
Pos Dyn
1. Click and drag the coordinate system.
1. Select translation vector: Two Points, Dir Length, or Face Nor Len.
2. Specify the corresponding options.
By Ref CS
1. Specify the Ref CS.
2. Specify the Flip and/or enter the Offset.
1. Select an axis.
2. Enter the angle.
3. Apply or enter changes.
4. Apply or enter changes.