Organize parts and assemblies > Set part and assembly coordinates > Create a coordinate system
Create a coordinate system
You can create a coordinate system for a part, an assembly or container. The coordinate system is stored in the owner's contents file. You can create more than one coordinate system for an object. A coordinate system can be positioned or renamed.
1. Click Structure and then, in the Coordinate System group, click New. The Create CoordSys dialog box opens.
2. Enter a coordinate system Owner and Name or accept the defaults.
3. For axis labels:
Type a label in the U-Name box for the u-axis.
Type a label in the V-Name box for the v-axis.
Type a label in the W-Name box for the w-axis.
You can change the default labels for the u, v, and w-axis in the 3D-Object Settings dialog box. See Change 3D object settings.
4. Specify an option: either Pt Dir (Point and Direction) or By Ref CS (By Referen0ce Coordinate System) to define the position and orientation of a coordinate system.
For Pt Dir
1. Specify a Point to define the origin of the coordinate system.
2. Specify the W Axis of the coordinate system.
3. The system calculates the U Axis. Accept the default or enter a different U Axis.
For By Ref CS
1. Specify the Ref CS
2. Specify Flip U, V or W. The new coordinate system is flipped compared to the selected reference coordinate system.
3. Specify the Offset U, V and/or W. The new coordinate system origin is offset by the specified values along the axis. The selected coordinate system is aligned with the By Ref CS (origin and axis aligned).
5. Apply changes or enter the changes.
After selecting Apply, the coordinate system feedback is visible in the viewport. In addition, you have the option to position the coordinate system. For information, please review the following section.