Organize parts and assemblies > Set part and assembly coordinates > Coordinate System Properties
Coordinate System Properties
You can set properties such as color and size of a coordinate system to make the coordinate system easier to see in the viewport. To set the properties of a coordinate system:
1. Click Structure and then, in the Coordinate System group, click More.
2. Click Coordinate System. The Coord Sys Properties dialog box opens.
3. Click Coord Sys and select a coordinate system in the viewport or the Structure Browser.
4. In the Color box, select a color for the coordinate system.
5. In the Size box, type a value to set the size of the coordinate system in the viewport.
6. For axis labels:
Type a label in the U-Name box for the u-axis.
Type a label in the V-Name box for the v-axis.
Type a label in the W-Name box for the w-axis.
You can change the default labels for the u, v, and w-axis in the 3D-Object Settings dialog box. See Change 3D object settings.
7. Click to complete the operation and close the dialog box.