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Measure overview
The measure function enables you to measure values of an existing part or assembly, and to use them as inputs to another engineering operation.
The following values can be measured:
Position of 3D points
Directions of edges, axis, face normals, vectors, and so on
Distance between two points
Radius of circular elements
Mass Properties:
Principal Axes
Face Properties:
The measured values are displayed individually in an output field or in an output window to give a complete list. Some measure functions also add graphical feedback directly to the part. If the system cannot decide on a direction, like that of an edge, it prompts you for confirmation.
The measure function is an interrupt function which means that you can interrupt an operation with the measure function without terminating it. This enables you to use the measured values from the Measure Tool as the input for the current operation.
The measurement of distances is especially helpful when machining a part in which certain dimensions must match a second part.