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To use fly-by measure
Inspect edges, lengths, radii, and blend or chamfer properties with fly-by measure. When you move your cursor over an object or element, the property of that item is given as a tool tip (for example, mouse over a straight line: "Length=10mm")
The measure result is also displayed in the status area next to Catch information. From here, copy and paste the value into any standard Windows application (for example, Excel). Choose one of the following ways to copy the value:
Right-click and select Copy Value. The numerical value is copied (10).
Double-click the value. The numerical value is copied (10).
Click in the status field and select what to copy. You can copy the string (Length=10mm). Right-click and select Copy Value or press CTRL-C.
Fly-by measure works for 3D objects and 2D curves in workplanes, not 2D drawings.