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Example: Removing material by lofting
In this example you will remove lofted material from a part using four workplanes and profiles. This example includes the preparation for the loft and the result.
Example: Removing Material by Lofting
After creating the workplanes and profiles for the loft tool:
1. Click Modeling and then, in the Model group, click More.
2. Create a matchline:
a. Click Create ML in Basic Loft section.
b. Click vertex 1 on the end profile
c. Click vertex 2 on the next profile Creo Elements/Direct Modeling displays the first segment of the matchline.
d. Click vertex 3 and 4 on the next profiles.
3. All the profiles are connected by the matchline, so click .
4. Remove the lofted material from the part:
a. On the Modeling tab, in the Model group, click More and then, click Remove in Basic Loft section. The Loft Remove dialog box opens.
b. Specify the part to remove the loft from. Click Parts and click the part.
c. Specify the workplane set for the loft. Click WP Set and click the matchline in the workplane set.
d. Click Closed off.
e. To preview the loft, click Preview.
f. Make sure Keep Part is clicked on.
5. Click to complete the operation.
Creo Elements/Direct Modeling removes the material defined by the loft tool.