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Modify a custom process feature
1. Click Feature and then, in the Custom Feature group, click Modify. The corresponding dialog box for the feature opens.
To modify a custom process feature, you can select a feature in the viewport and:
Click on the Command Mini Toolbar (CMT) or
Right-click and choose Modify Custom Feature from the context menu.
2. Select the custom process feature to be modified using one of the following methods:
Click the feature or its label, then select the feature (not its parent pattern) in the Specify Items dialog.
Use the Structure Browser to select the feature. (Make sure that the Feat's option is switched on in the browser.)
Depending on your selection, the system determines the type of feature that you want to modify and automatically displays a menu for that feature. The current settings of the feature are displayed in the fields.
3. Make any changes to the fields in the feature menu as required.
4. Click to complete the operation.
If all the parameters are found to be acceptable, the custom process feature is updated to represent the new information that you have supplied.
If you modify a custom process feature outside the specification of the definition (for example, by using a dynamic modeling command on a geometric feature) the label of the feature is displayed in red to show that it is no longer valid.
If the definition of a selected feature is not available locally, Creo Elements/Direct Modeling will try to retrieve it from a URL if possible. If the feature definition cannot be located, you will be warned that a modification is not possible.
Custom process features defined by external companies can also be modified in Creo Elements/Direct Modeling if you have permission to access the feature definition. If permission to modify a feature is not granted, then it is treated as being read-only.