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Restore, redefine, or position a face set feature
You can position, redefine, or restore a face set feature. When you position a face set feature, you change its local coordinate system. See Create a face set feature for more information.
To change a face set feature,
1. Click Feature and then, in the Custom Feature group, click Modify.
2. Select the face set feature in the viewport or Structure Browser.
3. Select the Type of modification:
Position: Set a new coordinate system for the face set feature.
Redefine: Use this option when you want to update the face set feature with new geometry, change the coordinate system, or keep a blend parameter.
Restore: If the faces of the face set feature have changed or if the feature is invalid, you can use Restore to return them to the geometry they had when you defined the feature.
4. If you are redefining the face set feature, click Type Faces (where Type is the feature type) and select the new faces in the viewport. Hold the Shift key while you click to select multiple faces.
5. Change the Ref.Pos, MainDir, or StartDir as desired.
6. Select OwnPat to propagate changes to other face set features with the same definition in a pattern.
7. Select Chk & Fix to run a part check on the face set feature.
8. Click to complete the operation.
You cannot change coordinate system values if the face set feature is used in a pattern.