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Change the type of a face set feature
You can change the type of a face set feature. Creo Elements/Direct Modeling supports the following types of face set features in the Custom Process browser:
FaceSet Bosses
Boss With Breakthrough
FaceSet Breakthroughs
FaceSet Pockets
For example, if the geometry of the part changes so a hole is punched in the middle of a boss, it becomes a boss with a breakthrough.
To change the face set feature type,
1. Click Feature and then, in the Custom Feature group, click More.
2. Click Exchange in the Modify section.
3. Select the face set feature in the viewport or Structure Browser.
4. Expand FaceSet Features in the Custom Process browser.
5. Select a new type.
6. Change the feature's values, if desired. See Create a face set feature for descriptions of these fields.
7. Click to complete the operation.