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Face set features
A face set feature is a shape described by a set of faces with specific properties. With the help of face set features you can
Check and maintain the integrity of the shape of the face set feature after subsequent modeling operations.
Restore an invalid or modified face set feature to its original definition.
You can also use face set features to create patterns. Any changes to the face set feature can be propagated to other face set features of the same type within the pattern.
For example, we created a face set feature of the square hole:
Now we can create a pattern using the face set feature:
The pattern allows us to add new elements or change the distance between elements in one easy step (we did both):
If the square holes were created as unique, individual geometric features, we couldn't do this as easily.
If we change the square hole, we can easily propagate the change to all the other square holes in the pattern. Here we added a blend to one feature (highlighted in yellow):
And we propagated the change to the other features in the pattern: