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Creating color palettes
You can create different palettes, or groups of colors, to be available in the Color Selector. New palettes are available in the current and subsequent Creo Elements/Direct Modeling sessions. Palette files are saved in the sd_customize/palettes directory in your Creo Elements/Direct Modeling folder.
Change the active palette by selecting from the Palette: cascade list in the Color Selector.
To create a new color palette:
1. In a Properties dialog box such as Edge Properties or 2D Edge Properties, in the Color list, click More Colors. The Color Selector dialog box opens.
2. Click Options in the Color Selector. The Options dialog box opens.
3. Click New (under Palette at the top) in the Options dialog box. The Palette Name box opens.
4. Enter a name for the new palette in the Palette Name box.
5. Press ENTER or click Apply.
Creo Elements/Direct Modeling informs you where the new palette file is saved. The Color Selector displays the new palette, which includes a default color (black) labeled First Color. You can now edit this color and add new colors to the palette.